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Bacteria from marine sponges: A source of new drugs. Curr Drug Metab. 2016 Oct 12
Bacteria from marine sponges: A source of new drugs. Curr Drug Metab. 2016 Oct 12
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Abstract : Sponges are rich source of bioactive natural products synthesized by the symbiotic bacteria belonging to different phyla. Due to a competition for space and nutrients the marine bacteria associated with sponges could produce more antibiotic substances. To explore the proactive potential of marine microbes extensive research has been done. These bioactive metabolites have some unique properties that are pharmaceutically important. To date, majority of these metabolites have been identified from marine invertebrates of which sponges predominate. Sponges harbor abundant and diverse microorganisms, which are the sources of a range of marine bioactive metabolites. From sponges and their associated microorganisms, approximately 5,300 different natural compounds are known. Current research on sponge-microbe interaction and their active metabolites has become a focal point for many researchers. Various active metabolites derived from sponges are now known to be produced by their symbiotic microflora. In this review, we attempt to report the latest studies regarding capability of bacteria from sponges as producers of bioactive metabolite. Moreover, these sponge associated bacteria are an important source of different enzymes of industrial significance. In present review, we will address some novel approaches for discovering marine metabolites from bacteria that have the greatest potential to be used in clinical treatments. 
ISSN : 1389-2002 
Journal Name : Current drug metabolism 
Volume : 18 
Issue Number : 1 
Publishing Year : 1437 AH
2016 AD
Article Type : Article 
Added Date : Monday, July 17, 2017 


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Muhammad YasirYasir, Muhammad ResearcherDoctorate 
Sana Akhter AlviAlvi, Sana AkhterResearcherDoctorate 
Mohammad A. KamalKamal, Mohammad A.ResearcherDoctorate 
Ikram UllahUllah, Ikram ResearcherDoctorate 
Muhammad I. NasserNasser, Muhammad I.ResearcherDoctorate 


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