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Research Excellence and Innovation

Conduct cutting-edge multidisciplinary biomedical and genomic research to advance our understanding of diseases and push the boundaries of scientific knowledge, with a focus on uncovering novel biomarkers, therapeutic targets, and diagnostic tools towards precision medicine.

Advanced Training and Continuous Education

Deliver comprehensive and advanced training and educational programs to train the next generation of biomedical scientists, geneticists, and healthcare professionals, ensuring a skilled workforce capable of contributing to the forefront of research and fostering an environment of academic excellence.

Applications for Diseases’ Cure and Prevention

Translate research findings into practical applications for the advanced cure and prevention of diseases, focusing on the development of innovative therapies, personalized medicine approaches, and preventive strategies to improve the Saudi healthcare outcomes.

Community services and Public Outreach

Engage in public outreach programs and awareness campaigns targeting the population at large, organizations, groups, and individuals about the importance of genomic and biomedical research in diseases’ diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Research Services and Consultations

To Be a 'think tank' in the Kingdom with an unwavering commitment that fosters research excellence through delivering advanced research services based on multi-omics technologies and expert consultations to all research stakeholders including scientists, healthcare providers, students, and policy makers.

Strategic Partnership and Networking

Build and cultivate strategic partnerships and collaborations both nationally and internationally with academic institutions, industry, and research organizations, fostering a collaborative biomedical research ecosystem that accelerates scientific discoveries and maximize the impact of research.

Bioethics and Compliance

Prioritize bioethical considerations and ensure strict compliance with national/international ethical standards and rules in all CEGMR research activities, emphasizing on responsible conduct of research, integrity, confidentiality, privacy, and responsible data sharing.

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