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Made available and ensured functionality of high end research platforms capable of serving the core objectives of the Center
Has a strict system to ensure the timely submission of technical and financial reports following approved rules and regulations of University
Established funding for research projects, has a monitoring system in place
Established a routine maintenance facility, have the services of specialized Bio-Engineers
Implemented a comprehensive in-house financial system for purchase and ordering software programs
Adopted stringent sample handling and transportation procedures
Implemented a comprehensive administration system
Have the services of full-time researchers, dedicated to Prestigious Researches
Providing supervision and research facilities to post graduates; M.S. & Ph.D students
Providing policy and procedures for many national and international collaborations (35)
Adopted safety and security measures for research laboratories conforming to international criteria 
Publishing research outcomes of many postgraduate students
Published hundreds of publications, accepted many more for publication in reputed journals
Many research presentations awarded first prize at international conference
Honored with international prize and awarded as the Center for the most rapidly progressing and accredited by international research monitoring bodies
Registered for a patents and many more are in process
Organized numerous training courses and workshops (110)
Introduced many awareness programs for general public (4)
Obtained membership in national public health committees (2)
Participated in public awareness programs through radio, TV, website, workshops and congresses (15)
Established Diagnostic Screening test for public use (32)
Serving the community by screening tests free of charge benefiting for diagnosing different genetic disorders (13000)
Received acknowledgments and recognitions for contributing to social services (8)
Acquired international recognition through keynote lectures at international events (4)
Set up research collaborations with national scientific companies (2)
Supplements published in BMC Genomics
Established research collaborations with national universities and research Centers (7)
Established a partnership with one of the world’s publishing leaders' nature publishing group (npj)
Added new research programs in the field of Functional Genomic, Reproduction and Infertility, and Biobanking
Implemented functional collaborations and memberships obtained in major interest areas of the researches (13)
Recruited the services of high caliber international scientists (15)
Regular publication of official organ of CEGMR reached to its 20th publication
Released translation of books in specialized research area (2)
Published books by CEGMR researchers (2)
Publishing a book as ongoing work entitled Cell to genome: a conceptual transformation
Played leading role in establishment of Center of Innovation in Personalized Medicine (CIPM)
Obtained final approval for establishing the Genomic Medicine Institute (GMI) by King Abdulaziz University
Proposed five Departments under GMI: Department and Developmental Genomics (DRDG), Department of Pharmacogenomics, Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine (SCRM), Department of Medical and Functional Genomics (DMFG), and Department of Bioinformatics (DBI)
Launched a professional medical company – GenaTi only recently
Under CEGMR/GenaTi, the labs accredited by CAP, providing wide range of diagnostic and research services
Provided unlimited benefit to humanity by serving the community and environment

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