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Native American population data based on the Globalfiler® autosomal STR loci
Native American population data based on the Globalfiler® autosomal STR loci
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Abstract : Native American population data are limited and thus impact computing accurate statistical parameters for forensic investigations. Thus, additional information should be generated from geographically representative tribes in North America, particularly from those that are not included in existing population databases for forensic use. The Globafiler1 PCR Amplification kit was used to produce STR genotypic data for 533 individuals who represent 31 Native American tribal populations derived from eight geographically diverse regions in North America. Population genetic estimates from 21 autosomal STRs are reported. 
ISSN : 1872-4973 
Journal Name : Forensic Science International: Genetics 
Volume : 24 
Issue Number : 1 
Publishing Year : 1437 AH
2016 AD
Article Type : Article 
Added Date : Wednesday, July 12, 2017 


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Jillian NgNg, Jillian ResearcherDoctorate 
Robert F. OldtOldt, Robert F.ResearcherDoctorate 
Kelly L. McCullohMcCulloh, Kelly L.ResearcherDoctorate 
Jessica A. WeiseWeise, Jessica A.ResearcherDoctorate 
Joy VirayViray, Joy ResearcherDoctorate 
Bruce BudowleBudowle, Bruce ResearcherDoctorate 
David Glenn SmithSmith, David GlennResearcherDoctorate 
Sreetharan KanthaswamyKanthaswamy, Sreetharan ResearcherDoctorate 


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