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‘Halomonas saudii’ sp. nov., a new bacterial species isolated from marine plant Halocnemum strobilaceum
‘Halomonas saudii’ sp. nov., a new bacterial species isolated from marine plant Halocnemum strobilaceum
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Abstract : We report here the main characteristics of ‘Halomonas saudii’ strain Saudii DR2 (CSUR P2512), a new species of the Halomonas genus that was isolated from a rhizosphere of Halocnemum strobilaceum in April 2015. As a part of a wider culturomics [1] and metagenomics study [2] in Saudi Arabia, we isolated a new bacterium, strain Saudii DR2, from a rhizosphere of Halocnemum strobilaceum in April 2015. No identification was obtained for the strain Saudii DR2 using systematic matrix-assisted desorption ionization–time of flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS) screening on a MicroFlex spectrometer (Bruker Daltonics, Bremen, Germany). The strain Saudii DR2 was cultured in a homemade liquid medium [3] incubated for 2 days in an aerobic atmosphere at 37°C. Optimal growth for this strain was obtained at 37°C at pH 7; strain Saudii DR2 is halotolerant and tolerates NaCl concentration up to 20%. Saudii DR2 is a Gram-negative bacterium, is motile non–spore forming and does not exhibit catalase or oxidase activities. The growing colonies on our homemade culture medium were orange, circular, entire, smooth and convex, with a diameter of 1.0 to 2.0 mm. The complete 16S rRNA gene was sequenced using fD1-rP2 primers as previously described and a 3130-XL sequencer (Applied Biosciences, Saint Aubin, France) [4]. The strain Saudii DR2 exhibited a 98.3% sequence similarity with Halomonas xianhensis (GenBank accession no. NR116016.1), which was the phylogenetically closest species with standing in nomenclature (Fig. 1). Consequently, it putatively classifies the strain Saudii DR2 as a new member of the genus Halomonas within the family Halomonadaceae in the phylum Proteobacteria. H. xianhensis was first described by Zhao et al. [5] in 2012 as an aerobic, Gram-negative, short rod-shaped, moderately halophilic bacterium. So far, the genus Halomonas includes more than 80 species with validly published names [6]. Strain Saudii DR2 exhibited a 16S rRNA gene sequence divergence of >1.3% with H. xianhensis, the closest related species with standing in nomenclature, which classifies it as a new representative of the Halomonas genus isolated from H. strobilaceum. As a result, we propose the creation of ‘Halomonas saudii’ sp. nov., and the strain Saudii DR2 as the type strain. 
ISSN : 2052-2975 
Journal Name : New Microbes and New Infections 
Volume : 15 
Issue Number : 15 
Publishing Year : 1438 AH
2017 AD
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Added Date : Tuesday, May 16, 2017 


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