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Microarray(Agilent) Unit
Coordinator :
Dr Mourad Assidi
Assistant :

Dr Hans-Juergen Schulten

The Agilent Microarray Unit (AMU) is a service unit that offers a complete set of Microarray-based applications and associated services to scientists, researchers and clinicians from CEGMR, KAU and all over the Kingdom. This unit supervised by Dr Mourad Assidi offers and expert service for: (i) Study design and requirements; (ii) Sample preparation; (iiI) Run the array-based experiment; (iv) Quality Control (QC) report & Data export; and (v): Data analysis.
The Agilent Microarray Unit (AMU) has a wide range arrays and associated equipment to support DNA and RNA analysis solutions and carrying out different experiments and/or validation on a genomic scale. The scanner can also read non-Agilent microarrays from other companies.

Available Research & Diagnostic Services: 
Our main services at the AMU are:
Experiment design & requirements
Sample preparation
CGH or CGH+SNP Microarrays
ChIP-on-chip Microarrays
CNV Microarrays
Custom-Designed Microarray
Whole Genome Methylation Arrays
Gene Expression Arrays (RNA)
Whole Genome miRNA profiling
Molecular cytogenetics
Data Analysis & export
Other customized services

Equipment & Platforms: 
Types of Scanners
Other equipment

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