Histopathology Unit

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Histopathology Unit
Coordinator :
Prof Abdelbaset Buhmeida
Assistant :

Dr Muhammad Abu-Elmagd

People diagnosed with cancer and their close relatives and friends are naturally concerned about what the future holds. In fact, they face many uncertainties. Understanding cancer and what to expect can help patients and their loved ones plan treatment, think and make decisions about lifestyle changes, their quality of life and finances. Many people with cancer would like to know their future in respect to disease outcome in terms of survival (prognosis). Prognosis might give a clue about the likely course and outcome of a disease—that is, the chance that a patient will recover or have a recurrence (return of cancer). This means that for doctors it is important to identify the patients who will develop progressive (advancing) cancer. This can be attempt by answering the question: What are the features at the cellular and molecular levels that can differentiate between the aggressive and non-aggressive types of cancer? The intention of Pathology Service Unit (PSU) is to help solving the above question in cancer patients of the Saudi Kingdom.

Provide researchers with specific prognostic and predictive markers they are interested in
Provide researchers with specific histo-molecular techniques to achieve their goals such as Immunohistochemisty (IHC) & In Situ Hybridization (ISH) techniques.
Establishment of data base for clinical and pathological features of tumors and other diseases
Establishment of Tissue Micro-Array (TMA) facility
Providing a new approach for molecular profiling of different solid human cancers.

Equipments Available: 
Cassette Labeler
TBS SHUR/Wave™ Laboratory Microwave
Tissue Processor
Automated immunostainer (BenchMark XT, Ventana® Medical systems Inc., Tucson, AZ, USA).
Tissue Micro Array Master 3D Histech, EU.

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