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Prof. Zuhoor Al-Shareef

Member of the Board of Management of breast cancer chair
Member of the Board of Management Center Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi breast cancer
Surgery Department, Faculity of Medicine
King Abdulaziz Universty
Jeddah, KSA

I joined the Faculty of Medicine at KingAbdul AzizUniversity in Jeddahin 1982 graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 1989. Duringthe period of studyat the Faculty of Medicine began strong tendencies to surgical specialty and tendencies towards trainingand medical education. After the completion ofthe year internship joined the Department of Surgery at King Abdul Aziz Universityfor training and preparation for the FRCSI degree (Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeon)

I had the FRCSI degree in 1992. After I got my Associate Degreein the specialty ofsurgery continued scientific and practical career was appointed faculty in the Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, King Abdul Aziz Universityas assistant professor so I did published numerous articles and researchin many local, regional and international scientific journals. I was appointed professorof surgery by the Scientific Councilof the University of King Abdul Azizin2013.

Scientific and research interests are breast disease and cancers of thebreaston themain level of scientific and clinical where began early appreciation of the importance of integrationeffortsinvariousscientific disciplinesin order toenrich thescientific research in all medical specialties, particularly in the field ofcancer research. Got amember of several scientific societies locally, regionally and globally was also invited to submit research published locally, regionally and globally. Appointedas a member of the Board of Management of breast cancer chair and thena member of the Board of Management Center Mohammed Husse in Al Amoudi breast cancer for four yearsin 2010 and until the end of 2013. I worked at the European Institute of Oncology Milan, Italy for a year (in the period between Decmber 2009-December 2010, got acomplete trainingon the Oncoplastic Surgical Techniques for the breast reconstruction

Research projects:
  1. Prognostic Role of Circulating Tumor Cell in Cancer Breast (p.I)
  2. Impact of Lipocalin2 Gen Polymorphism in suadi breast cancer patients (CO.I)
  3. BRACA1 and BRACA2 mutation in Saudi breast cancer patients(CO.I)

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