Prof. Nobutaka Hirokawa

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Distinguished Project Professor
Departments of Cell Biology and Anatomy, and Molecular Structure and Dynamics
University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

Professor Hirokawa uses electron microscopy, molecular cell biology and genetics, structural biology, and biophysics to study the structure and functions of major microtubule-associated proteins. He identified Kinesin superfamily proteins, KIFs and uncovered the mechanism of intracellular transport. He revealed that KIFs play fundamental roles in not only intracellular transport in neurons and other cells, but also in various mechanisms that are fundamental for life such as brain wiring, learning and memory, activity dependent neuronal survival during development, and for the determination of important processes such as left-right asymmetry formation, suppression of tumorigenesis, and development of enteric nervous system. He is one of the distinguished Professors and highly cited scientist working in University of Tokyo.

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