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Prof. Ibtessam Ramzi Hussein

Coordinator of Genetic Counselling Service Unit
Genomic Screening & Neurogenomics Research Groups

Professor M. Ramzi. Hussein was graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt. She was awarded the M.Sc. degree in Obstetrics & Gynecology from the Faculty of Medicine Cairo University, and her PhD degree, Human Genetics, from Alexandria University, Egypt. The PhD research area was studying the genetic basis of Neural tube defects and establishment of a diagnostic technique for detection of affected fetuses early in pregnancy. Dr. Ibtessam has over 20 years’ experience in clinical Cytogenetics, molecular genotyping of beta- thalassemia/ sickle cell anemia, DMD/BMD, SMA and other monogenic diseases. She has a considerable experience in studying genetic diseases and heritable syndromes using advanced molecular techniques and providing genetic counseling to families suffering from genetic disorders.

She was awarded a (Pre-doctoral) Peace Fellowship sponsored by the "American Middle East Agency for International Development" AMIDEAST", at Hematology Dept., San Francisco General Hospital, University of California, San Francisco, USA. The training program included DNA techniques such as preparation of oligonucleotide probes, Nick translation, gene cloning, Southern Blot technique, studying gene defects in patients with alpha-thalassemia. She was awarded another Post-Doctoral ( Fulbright fellowship) at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD., USA, working on the identification of the spectrum of mutations in the β-globin Gene causing β-thalassemia in Egyptian patients. She became more interested in studying the molecular basis of common genetic diseases aiming for the prevention of heritable disorders using early prenatal diagnosis and detection of carriers at premarital examination.

She joined the CEGMR, King Abdulaziz University, Neurogenetic Research group in 2008; she worked on establishing diagnostic techniques for the diagnosis of mutations causing beta-thalassemia and sickle cell anemia, Duchenne muscle Dystrophy, spinal muscle atrophy and fragile-X mental retardation. Her experience is therefore utilized in the provision of technical support for the diagnosis of monogenic diseases as well as establishing a prenatal diagnosis unit and providing genetic counseling to the affected families.

Current research activities:
Dr. Ibtessam research interest focuses on studying genome defects causing neuro- developmental disorders such as Developmental Delay / Intellectual Disability and Autism. She Joined the Pre-implantation genetic research group for the establishment of pre-implantation genetic diagnostic program. She has been awarded two research grants one was the Strategic Research grant funded by the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST): Strategic project No. (09-BIO 695-03) using whole genome microarray (Array CGH) technique for the clinical Diagnosis of genome defects causing developmental delay/mental retardation/congenital malformations, and another Project (KACST, GDRG) No. (P-L-11-0556) Application of microarray based comparative genomic hybridization (array- CGH) for the identification of Genome Defects in Congenital Heart Diseases in Saudi Arabia”.

Selected Publications:
1. Hussein I.R, El-Beshlawy A., Salem A., Mosaad R., Zaghloul N., Ragab L., Fayek H., Gaber K., and El-Ekiabi M.(2008): The use of DNA Markers for Carrier Detection and prenatal diagnosis of Hemophilia A, in Egyptian Families. Haemophilia, 2008 Sep; 14(5):1082-7. Epub 2008 Jun 28.

2. Shammas C, Papasavva T, Felekis X, Christophorou C, Roomere H, Synodinos JT, Kanavakis E, El-Khateeb M, Hamamy H, Mahmoud T, Shboul M, Beshlawy AE, Filon D, Hussein IR, Galanello R, Romeo G, and Kleanthous M. (2010): ThalassoChip, an array mutation and single nucleotide polymorphism detection tool for the diagnosis of beta-thalassaemia. Clin Chem Lab Med. 2010 Dec; 48(12):1713-8. Epub 2010 Aug 13.

3. Hamed H, Galal A., Ghamrawy M., Abdel Azeem K, Hussein IR., Abdel- Gawad MF. An SP1-binding site polymorphism in the COLIA1 gene and osteoporosis in Egyptian patients with thalassemia major. Blood Coagulation & Fibrinolysis. 2011 Mar; 22(2):81-5.

4. Abuzenadah A, Hussein IM, Damanhoury G, Al Sayes F, Gari M, Chaudhary A, Zaher G, Al-Attas A, Al-Qahtani M.: Molecular Basis of Beta-Thalassemia in the Western province of Saudi Arabia: identification of rare β-thalassemia mutations. Hemoglobin, 2011, 35 (4):346-357. PMID: 21797702

5. Hussein, IR.; El-Ruby, MO.; Fahmi, A. A.; El-Desouky, M.A.; Fayez, A.G. Detection of mutations in GATA4 and Nkx2.5 genes in patients with Fallot’s Tetralogy. Middle East Journal of Medical Genetics. January 2012, 1(1):49-52.

6. Chaudhary A, Hussein IR, Abuzenadah A, Gari M, Bassiouni R, Sogati S, Lary S, Al Qauiti M, Al Balwi, Al Qahtani M. "Molecular Diagnosis of Fragile X Syndrome using Methylation Sensitive Techniques in a Cohort of Patients with Intellectual Disability". Pediatric Neurology, 50/4, 2014, 368- 376. PMID: 24630283.

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