The First International Genomic Medicine Conference in Saudi Arabia

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CEGMR under the leadership of the current Executive Director, Dr. Mohammed Hussein Al-Qahtani, the Vice-Director for Technical Affairs, Dr. Adeel Gulzar Choudhary; the Vice-Director for Financial Affairs, Dr. Adel Abuzenadah; the Head of CEGMR Education and Outreach Program, Dr. Mamdooh Abdullah Gari; and other staff are proud to announce the successful completion of the First International Genomic Medicine Conference.

The conference was held at the main auditorium of King Fahad Medical Research Center (KFMRC), King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah on 16th to 17th February 2011 corresponding to 13th to 14th Rabi I, 1432 Hijri. His Excellency the President of King Abdulaziz University, Prof. Osama Bin Sadeq Tayyeb, in a message to the center, reiterated his support and the leading role the KAU plays in hosting several centers of excellence in research and added that the KAU will keep establishing new centers to add to our ever-expanding knowledge base.
In the opening speech delivered on the President's behalf, the Vice-President for Business and Knowledge Creativity, Dr. Ahmed Nagadi mentioned the KAU's drive to build a generation of researchers equipped with knowledge and know-how to achieve distinction in their professional life and contribute to the development of Saudi Arabia and mankind overall. He added that the CEGMR establishment is our hope for a better future for the students of the KAU and other Universities in the Kingdom in terms of the research culture.

The director of the CEGMR, Dr. Mohammed Hussein Al-Qahtani in his inaugural speech highlighted the noticeable advancement in decoding human genome in addition to a brief discussion on the emerging field of regenerative medicine. He provided details of the achievements of the Center as well as potential challenges.
The conference was the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia that brought together leading researchers and industry representatives to review recent progress in key areas of post-genomic research in medicine and charter future developments in the field. About 500 participants from various countries participated in the event.

The theme of the conference mainly related to genomic studies around the globe with an emphasis on the importance of bioinformatic tools in genomic medicine. Topics related to epigenomics, updates and challenges in preimplantation genetic diagnosis, and opportunities and challenges in regenerative therapies based on stem cells were other highlights of the conference. Genomic studies from other Gulf countries such as Qatar and Kuwait were also discussed.

The CEGMR staff provided the highest degree of cooperation and hospitality to participants and organized visits to CEGMR laboratories. Several remarkable social events were also introduced.

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