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     CEGMR is offering scholarships to the meritorious students interested to continue his/her higher education in the field of molecular medicine. 25,000 SR and 50000 SR are allocated for M.Sc and PhD students respectively to cover the research requirements such as purchasing chemicals and reagents. This fund is given for 1 year the M.Sc student and 3 years for the PhD student. CEGMR also encourages the enrolled student to apply for additional KACST grant.

CEGMR Financial Assistance and Scholarship:
     The primary goal of the Ph.D. program at CEGMR is to educate students and young researchers, with a focus on interdisciplinary studies related to molecular medicine. Course work is designed to facilitate development of expertise in various aspects of medical sciences to educate students to be capable of conducting independent and original research programs in different area of medical sciences. CEGMR's mission is mainly to train students with quality education and research to meet the requirement of rapidly and widely growing specialized medical fields. We are committed admit, recruit, teach, and support students with the highest ethical and academic qualities.

The Doctor of Philosophy program is a research based degree for the duration of 3-5 years. The aim of thisprogram is to prepare the Saudi student with strong basics and recent advances in applied medical research and related disciplines. Emphasis is given on interdisciplinary research that provides doctoral students an opportunity to interact with experts from various fields. Students graduated from CEGMR will be confident in teaching, laboratory setting, research, administrative role, and healthcare, in both public and private sectors.

Ph.D. Students

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