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Program Description:  
     The M.Sc. program is an intensive research oriented training program which is affiliated with the College of Science and the College of Medicine at the King Abdulaziz University. The program duration is 18 or 24 months depending upon the student joining in either the accelerated schedule by participating in courses all year or in the regular schedule (following the organizational structure at Saudi Universities). Student will receive a thorough education and training in biochemistry, molecular biology, molecular medicine and medical technology which will enhance their background.

The education part of the study has mandatory courses, laboratory rotations, and a Master Thesis.

Master thesis:
     The Master thesis accounts for 40% of the overall grade. The master thesis has to be completed within 6 months (for example, 4 months practical lab work plus 2 months writing up the thesis). The master thesis has to supervised by a faculty member(s) at the King Abdulaziz University who is entitled to supervise postgraduate students as per University rules. A master thesis is performed in CEGMR lab as part of collaboration with the faculty.

 Only in rare cases, a master thesis can be performed under the principal supervision of a scientist who is not faculty member at the King Abdulaziz University (external master thesis).

  • B.Sc. in biology, chemistry or similar related fields.
  • TOEFL, IESTC or other proof of proficiency in English
  • Two letters of recommendation by the student referees
  • Written test

All courses are given in English.  
M.Sc. Students  

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