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Cytogenetic Service Unit  
Prof Mohammed Al-Qahtani
Consultant (1):

Prof Adel Abuzenadah
Consultant (2):

Prof Adeel Chaudhary

The Cytogenetic service laboratory based in King Abdul Aziz University Hospital is the most comprehensive advanced diagnostic laboratory to offer high-quality and cutting-edge chromosomal and genetic laboratory testing and internship Medical Technology student education services. Cytogenetic diagnostic services exploit state-of-the-art technologies complemented with professional clinical consultation and genetic counselling to help presentation, early detection and proper management of genetic disease, cancer and infertility.
- Karyotyping (chromosomal analysis):  
Abortus Materials (Long term culture) 
Amniotic Fluid (Cell Culture)
Bone Marrow Chromosomes
Chorionic villi chromosomes
Cord Blood Prenatal Chromosomes
Fanconi's Anaemia (Mitomycin Assay)
Fragile X Syndrome-Thymidine block
Recurrent Abortions, Husband and wife
Skin biopsy 
Solid Tumours
Molecular Cytogenetic (FISH):
- Prenatal :
Amniotic Fluid (5 probes 18,21,13,X, Y)
Chromosome 21/13 only or (X,Y,18)
- Microdeletion Syndromes:
Di George/velo-cardio-facial Syndrome
Miller-Dieker Syndrome
Prader-willi/Angelman Syndrome
Smith Magenis Syndrome
Williams Syndrome
- Other deletion:  
Cri-due-chat Syndrome
Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome
Kallmann Syndrome/ steroid sulfatase deficiency
Chromosome Identification and enumeration:  
Whole chromosome paint probes for all chromosomes
Arm specific Probes
Centromeric probes (13,18,21,X,Y)
Deletion and rearrangements involving telomeres:  
- Telomere probes for all chromosomes  
- Leukemias:  
Translocation 9/22 probe (bcr/abl)
Translocation 11/14 probe (Igh/CCND1)
Translocation 14/18 probe (Igh/BCL2)
Translocation 8/14 probe (Igh/MYC)
- Breast Cancer:
Her 2 gene amplification
Equipments Available:
Class II Biological safety cabinet
CO2  Incubator
Water bath
Light Microscope
Fluorescent Microscope
Cytovision Imaging system)
Met system (Ikaros  and Isis Imaging system) 

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