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Biobanking Unit  
Prof Abdelbaset Buhmeida

Dr Mourad Assidi

The availability of biological samples for research purposes and appropriate preserving techniques supports advanced molecular biology research. For this purpose, adequate and standardized methods for collection, processing, storage, and distribution of specimens are mandatory.
The Biobanking unit is equipped with the necessary storage and instrument facilities.

Providing storage medium to hospitals in advance
Logistic control of sample retrieval
Documentation of samples and accompanying data
Cataloguing and documentation of sample storage location
Processing samples for DNA and/or RNA and protein from FFPE material, native tissue or blood samples, plasma and serum.
Quality control measurements with Agilent Bioanalyzer
Documentation of sample requests, the amount delivered, retained, and retrieved back as surplus material.

Equipments Available:
m24SP "DNA extraction machine" (ABBOTT).
Thermomixer compact (Eppendorf).
Liquid nitrogen tanks (Thermo Scientific).
Freezer (Thermo Scientific).
Genvault Personal Archive Biosample Lab Cabinet.    

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