Tissue Culture Unit (TCU)

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Tissue Culture Unit  
Dr Gauthaman Kalamegam

Dr Sayed Kashif Zaidi

The tissue culture unit is equipped with Biosafety level –II cabinets, incubators, centrifuges, inverted microscopes and other accessories. This unit provides investigators with facilities andtechnical assistance in all aspects of cell culturing.

This unit also is involved in stem cell culture and isolation. Stem cell unit (SCU) will form an important part of TCU.

Maintenance and propagation of cell lines
Isolation, propagation and freezing primary cells from diseased & normal individuals
Transient transfection of cell lines
Generation of stably transfected cell lines
Freezing and banking of cells
Isolation and characterization of adult stem cells from peripheral blood, bone marrow, fatty tissues and muscles.
Clonogenic assays for quantification of stem cells from normal and cancer cases will be available.
In vitro and in vivo assays of hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells will be available.

Equipments Available:
Bio-safety cabinet Level II (Thermo Scientific)
Refrigerated Centrifuges (Hereaus)
Incubators (Thermo Scientific)
Inverted Light Microscopes (Nikon)
Upright Light Microscopes (Nikon)
Water Baths (VWR)
Ventana BenchMark XT

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