Microarray (Affymetrix) Unit

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Microarray (Affymetrix) Unit  
Dr Hans-Juergen Schulten

Dr Mourad Assidi

The CEGMR Functional genomics unit provides PIs with expertise in microarray techniques (Affymetrix and Agilent platforms) to analyze and interpret gene expression. The objective of the gene expression profiling unit is to provide help for CEGMR researchers, staff and students to implement their project using the above platforms. The unit has a wide array of validation platforms including RealTime PCRs, and associated equipment for carrying out validation on a genomic scale. The functional genomics unit is supervised by Dr K Narasimhan.

The functional genomics unit is well equipped with platforms to support DNA and RNA analysis solutions for research groups at CEGMR. The major facilities include both DNA and RNA based microarray platforms. The DNA based solutions include Genome-Wide and targeted Genotyping, Molecular Cytogenetics, Re-sequencing Analysis. The facility is equipped with equipment capable of handling CGH Microarrays, CGH&SNP Microarrays, ChIP-on-chip Microarrays, CNV Microarrays and Custom Microarray Design.

The unit is well equipped with addressing Epigenetics and is equipped with platforms capable of performing DNA Methylation analysis. The unit also provides RNA analysis solutions using Whole-Transcript Expression Analysis & Profiling, 3' IVT Expression Analysis, Gene Regulation Analysis and small RNA analysis especially miRNA Analysis.
Quality control on incoming samples using Bioanalyzer
Amplification of RNA samples
Reverse transcription and labeling of RNA samples
Hybridization of the labeled material to Affymetrix/Agilent arrays
Scanning and spot-finding of the arrays
High throughput expression data analysis (including clustering and statistics)
Molecular cytogenetics
Comparative genomic hybridization
Tiling array

Equipments Available:
Affymetrix Microarray Platform: Affymetrix Genechip Scanner,Affymetrix Gene Titan Unit, Fluidics Station 45º, Hybridization Oven 64º
2100 Agilent Bioanalyzer
Agilent DNA/RNA/miRNA Microarray Platform: Surescan high resolution technology.

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