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        The main focus of this group is to identify the molecular causes of congenital hearing loss in families from the Western region of Saudi Arabia. To achieve this, the group is conducting research in a linear fashion where a cohort of over 110 patients and 60 families has been established.
       The contribution of GJB2, TMIE and THMHS genes in the pathology of deafness in this cohort has been elucidated and excluded from being major contributing factors. The remaining >30 known loci that can cause hereditary deafness are currently being excluded by linkage analysis. The families with no known deafness factors will be subjected to linkage mapping for novel genes and loci using a combination of SNP 6.0 genechip and high-throughput sequencing.

Deafness Research Group

Prof. Kamal J. Daghistani
CEGMR, King Abdulaziz University
Prof. Abdul-Menem El-Sheikh
Department of Otolaryngology, King Fahad Hospital
Dr. Afaf Bamanie
Department of Audiology, King Abdulaziz University
Prof. Mohammed Al-Qahtani
CEGMR, King Abdulaziz University
Dr. Ashraf Dallol
CEGMR, King Abdulaziz University
Dr. Muhammad Imran Naseer
CEGMR, King Abdulaziz University

International Collaborator:

Prof. Nobutaka Hirokawa
Distinguished Project Professor
Departments of Cell Biology and Anatomy, and Molecular Structure and Dynamics
University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan


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