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A warm welcome to the Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research (CEGMR), King Abdulaziz University (KAU), Jeddah. CEGMR is one of the leading research centers in the region that primarily focuses on genomics in health and disease.

Completion of an ambitious “Human Genome Project” in 2003 opened new venue and encouraged worldwide investments in genomic research with an aim to address root cause of human diseases that would ultimately lead to personalized interventions. Realizing the importance of such groundbreaking science, the Saudi ministry of education agreed to our proposal to fund the establishment of CEGMR in 2007 with an aim to build advanced research facility for both fundamental and applied research while implying highest international standards and benchmarks. The center emphasized on demystifying complex diseases such as cancers and genetic disorders that place heavy burden on healthcare system effecting Saudi society in general.

The center is committed to performing high-quality innovative research, offer pioneering education and training experience. It delivers advanced community services using all the broad applications of molecular biology and multi-omics technologies namely genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics, pharmacogenomics, functional genomics and reactomics associating them with the clinicopathological features, lifestyle choices, and environmental data to tackle the main health issues aligned with the national priorities in health and wellness.

The overall goal of CEGMR is to imply state-of-the-art platforms to discover molecular biomarkers for assessment and management of various phases of diseases to address unmet medical needs in the kingdom and wider region. During this journey our scientists are encouraged to foster multidisciplinary collaboration, promote a conducive work environment, technology transfer and national and international partnerships to insure sustainable development.

With a steadfast commitment to research, development, innovation, and next-generation education, the CEGMR aspire to be a 'think tank' center which provides open-door policy for valuable network between all stakeholders including academia, industry, policy makers to deliver tangible and impactful outcomes.

I encourage you to engage and work with us on the important work we are doing in line with KAU priorities and Saudi Vision 2030 contributing towards a vibrant society, a thriving knowledge-based economy, and a prosperous nation.

Prof. Adeel G. Chaudhary, PhD
Director of the Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research

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