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The CEGMR aspires to be a center of excellence. This is why it always aims to achieve high standards and a continuous improvement. An effective way to reach this aim is through a QMP.

The quality management program has two phases:
The first phase is to initiate an 'internal quality assurance' mechanism:
Aims and objectives should both meet the need of the stakeholders which must incline with the international norms and benchmarks. Stake holders are all individuals who interact with the unit and therefore will benefit from using international guidelines which gives the center credibility and helps to facilitate future external quality assurance if required.
Using the aims and objectives of each unit, a continuous quality improvement cycle should be established consisting of approach/deployment/results/improvements. This process should be promoted as a non-threatening means to improve and provide a documented evidence of the endeavor to improve. It is essential that an environment of quality must be established whereby all individuals working in the CEGMR will be striving for excellence. As often quoted "to err is human" and mistakes happen but if a rigorous quality management system is in place, these mistakes will be picked up quickly and their cause will be analyzed as a means to improve the overall functioning of the center.
In a quality environment mistakes or sub optimal results, they should be readily admitted to and explored when they do occur. The willingness to admit mistakes or sub optimal results should be encouraged.
The second phase is to submit an 'external quality assurance' :
Aiming at possible accreditation. Each of the four areas of CEGMR will have its tailored QA program, the documentation for which will be centralized in QMP unit, bi-annual professional audits will be held to assess how far goals have been met and what can be done to further improve the performance. The head of each program will be responsible for implementing the quality management program of that unit, the QMP will be available for consultations if required.
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