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        The CEGMR team members regularly participate in workshops hosted at different Hospitals and Universities. CEGMR publishes quarterly newsletter titled “GENOMEXCELL” highlighting CEGMR activities and researches. The newsletter gets distributed among national Universities, major Hospitals and Research Centers. Additionally, CEGMR provides direct counseling to patients and their relatives visiting the center. CEGMR Mass media campaign has already resulted in increased inflow of students and trainees to the Center.

In addition to national public awareness program, CEGMR has strengthened its visibility worldwide. General Job vacancies are advertised in the 'Nature' journal and in one of the most circulated laboratory journals in Germany called 'Laborjournal'. These campaigns have substantially enhanced our collaborations with foreign research institutions and individual scientists. Outreach for End-User community: Research at CEGMR addresses common diseases at the genomics level in order to better understand disease diagnosis and pathogenesis. We aim at alleviating the suffering of patients by innovative research. This is why patients are the primary end-user community. CEGMR encourages patients to visit the centerto obtain counseling and advice. The families of patients suffering from hereditary disorders often visit the center to get informed on the status of the disorders. Given the 'academic and clinical environment' location of the CEGMR, student's especially medical students are also among the important end-user ommunities. Others include clinicians, industry personnel and Ministry of Health and Higher Education (MOHE).

Our close interaction with MOHE has clearly helped to enhancing the higher education standards at KAU since we introduced research based teaching. We have a constant flow of students (medical/non-medical) at CEGMR throughout the year for getting research training and obtaining necessary advanced skills. The clinicians visit the center for collaborations in terms of joint research projects. We welcome and encourage participation of all in our endeavors to make the Center a 'research model center' in the Kingdom.


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