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        CEGMR has laid down a very strong emphasis on researcher's education and training as part of its long term goal to encourage young Saudi researchers to develop excellent training and education. CEGMR is equipped with state-of-the-art research facilities for studying modern biology. Molecular analysis techniques lsuch as PCR-RFLP, Nucleotide sequencing and Real-Time PCR. Genomics studies like transcriptomics, miRNAome, CGH, CNV, and SNP's are carried out on Microarray platform (Affymetrix and Agilent). High-throughput Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platform from the Applied Biosystems, the SOLiD4, is used for whole-genome sequencing in addition to novel microRNA discovery and transcriptomics studies. Proteomics and stem cell related work has been established recently and staff are being sent for proper training in these areas.

Throughout the year, various training programs and workshops are conducted by CEGMR in a joint coordination with DGMU to provide specialized training to medical laboratory technologists and physicians. CEGMR is dedicated to promote research staff training in specialized medical research areas by supporting relevant seminars, workshops and wet-lab training outside the CEGMR at the national or international level.
Learning Outcome:
       CEGMR training program is a two month program developed for those looking for a career in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals companies as well as in research institutions in the Kingdom or abroad. This training will prepare the candidates with:
Knowledge in advanced technologies currently employed in research
Designing of experiments together with hands-on-training in advanced techniques
Analysis and interpretation of actual research data from the labs of training director and instructors

Program Venue, duration and workflow:
Venue: Cytogenetics and Molecular laboratories of CEGMR at King FAhad Medical Research Center,
Duration: 2-months.


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