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       This program has been developed to address the most common neurologic disorders in the Western region of Saudi Arabia. This program is a fast developing program that aims to expand in various well defined directions. Currently where the program focuses on neuromuscular and neurodegenerative disorders using fundamental techniques with a possibility of transferring to matrix array platform, in near future it has the potential to expand into various projects of national interest.

       The CEGMR aims to use the high throughput techniques such as SNP microarray and next generation sequencing for the search of candidate gene defects in the wide spectrum of these disorders.

Identify candidate genes involved in the aetiology of different neurogenetic disorders. 
Investigate the mechanistic pathways by which genetic mutations cause neurological disease and how these pathways are disrupted by genetic and subsequent protein alterations
Promote the identification of molecular targets for the development of effective pharmacological intervention
Promote the development of gene expression, novel mutagenesis and genotyping strategies, functional genomic methodologies, and more powerful techniques for linkage analysis of multigenic diseases
Establish a rapid and accurate molecular approach for the diagnosis of patients with neurogenetic disorders
Promote the investigation of the genetic underpinnings of behavior and cognition, including sleep, learning and memory.

Neurogenetics Research Group:

Neuro-Muscular Research Group (NGRG)
Neurodegenerative Research Group (NGRG)

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