Dr. Doaa Ahmed Mahmoud Khalifa

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Dr. Doaa Ahmed Mahmoud Khalifa

Associate Professor
Psychiatry Dept.
King Abdulaziz University
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Doaa has been graduated from Ain Shams University, Faculty of Medicine. Her research work for the Master degree was about "Childhood paroxysmal Neuropsychiatric disorders”. She has got her Medical Doctorate M.D. 2003, from Ain Shams University in Psychiatry. The title of her thesis was “Evaluation of effects of antidepressants on sleep parameters and the poly-somnogram in a sample of Egyptian patients with major depression". She supervised three Master Degree students, the research titles were: “Role of neuroprotectors in management of neurological diseases”, “Psychiatric co morbidity in epileptic children”, and “mental disorders due to general medical conditions among long stay patients”. She joined King Abdul Aziz University, College of Medicine; Psychiatry Department in 2011.She is the Coordinator of Psychiatric module, Faculty of Medicine, KAU. She has many scientific publications in ISI journals and was an invited speaker in many conferences. She showed great interest in studying the early diagnosis and management of patients with autism, and joined the autism research group in the CEGMR, KAU since 2013 for the clinical evaluation of patients with autistic behavior. She is a Member in Saudi Psychiatric Association, and Egyptian Psychiatric Associations.

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