Dr. Mohammad Khalid Alwasiyah

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Dr. Mohammad Khalid Alwasiyah

Genetic Consultant
PhD in Human Genetics
Aziziah Maternity and Children Hospital
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Dr Mohammad Khalid Alwasiyah graduated from a collaboration PhD program of Human genetics between Ain Shams University in Cairo and King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah in 2008, and has worked as a genetic consultant at Aziziyah Maternity and Children Hospital since then. In 1998 he received his Master in Molecular Genetics and DNA Manipulation from Portland State University

In 2013 he established a genetic counselling clinic program 2 days a week in Aziziah Maternity and Children Hospital and has worked as a researcher in CEGMR at King Abdullaziz University 3 days a week.

He is a pioneer in spreading awareness among medical care providers and lay people about the role of genetics in diseases and how important the genetic research outcomes are as a tool for diagnosis and interventions.

Dr. Alwasiyah‘s main focused research was in Autism Etiology. He is currently investigating the Methylome Variants of the Saudi autistic children, and is also involved in the Human Variome Project (HVP) as a member for the last 3 years and as a friend of Richard Cotton the Founder and Scientific director of the HVP committee who unfortunately passed away recently. Dr. Alwasiyah also currently engaged in a collaborative projects with IMEGEN (Instituto de Medicina Genomica, Valencia, Spain) in Genetic Education and Services.

He participated in the International workshop for consanguinity that was held in May 2010 in Geneva University and sponsored by The World Health Organization (WHO). Dr. Alwasiyah was the Saudi Representative among the 25 scientists from around the world.

He is also interested high throughput proteomic analysis of the secretome in an explant model of articular cartilage inflammation and potential use in clinical diagnostics, and he is working currently in this project in collaboration with other Scientist at the CEGMR at King Abdullaziz University and DR Ali Mobarishi a highly cited scientist from Surrey University in the UK.

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