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The CEGMR Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) has a specific goal to examine CEGMR's research activities, provide guidance and recommendations for future work, and to render its professional judgment about the quality and importance of CEGMR research contributions to the Kingdom. The SAC meets annually to review all CEGMR scientific activity for the preceding period. The CEGMR Executive Director provides an Annual Report to the members of the SAC prior to the meeting, to document milestones and major achievements, positive actions taken in response to earlier SAC recommendations, personnel changes, major procurements, and propose any change in the scope of CEGMR scientific projects. The SAC reports its evaluations of the current state of CEGMR research, and gives its recommendations for the future to the President of KAU, who transmits the report to representatives of the Ministry of Higher Education and, to the funding agencies. The SAC includes internationally recognized climate scientists from universities, research laboratories, and non-profit research institutes from all over the world. It has already visited many times.

The current membership of the CEGMR SAC:

Prof. Jerry W. Shay
Director, Cancer Biology
Department of Cell Biology
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Dallas, US

Specialization:Cell Biology and Neuroscience

Prof. Nobutaka Hirokawa
Distinguished Project Professor
Departments of Cell Biology and Anatomy,
and Molecular Structure and Dynamics
University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan
Specialization: Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Structural Biology and Biophysics

Prof. Ghulam Mufti 
Professor, Haematological Oncology
Department of Cancer Studies
Kings College London
Specialization: Gene Therapy, Stem Cell Biology and Bone Marrow Transplants

Prof. Fornace, Jr., Albert Joseph 
Professor , Georgetown University (GTU) and Director of Waters Center of Innovation for Metabolomics at GTU ; previously Director of the John B. Little Center for the Radiation Sciences and Environmental Health at Harvard University Washington DC, USA
Specialization: Biochemistry, Molecular & Cellular Biology and Oncology

Dr. Wa'el Kafinah 
Doctor,School of Cellular and Molecular
University of Bristol
Medical Sciences Building
Specialization: Molecular Biology of Stem Cells and Skeletal Tissue Engineering

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