Dr. Mourad Assidi

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Dr. Mourad Assidi

Associate Professor & Senior Scientist
Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research (CEGMR),
King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Associate Professor Mourad Assidi (ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2750-1764) is an Associate Professor, and a senior scientist at the Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research (CEGMR), and the Center of Innovation in Personalized Medicine Research (CIPM), Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, King Abdulaziz University. Besides his expertise in molecular biology & genomics, enthusiasm, and brilliant academic accomplishments and awards, Dr Assidi is also a visionary scientist and planner with excellent innovation skills, translational research talents, leadership, strategic vision, and R&D experiences both in Canada and KSA.

Through mastering the OMICs-based approaches in the digital era, he has incessantly developed international-scale research activities in the areas of preimplantation genetic testing, infertility, cancer, biomarkers discovery, modern biobanking, precision medicine, and wellness science. He has also been a main player in the development of innovative research, educational programs/units, national/international collaborative networks, and community services that foster precision medicine, technology transfer & settlement, wellness science, community services, public outreach, sustainability, bioethics, and responsible data sharing.

Dr Assidi has also been the manager of both training and continuous education, as well as quality departments at CEGMR, and successfully accomplished several cross-disciplinary research projects funded by local, national, and international bodies. Besides excellent command over spoken and written English, French, and Arabic, he has also an exceptional record of publications, important editorial contributions in high-impact international peer-reviewed journals, patent(s), and several communications delivered in renowned national and international meetings/conferences.

One of his main current research interests are the systems-based use of the advanced biotechnologies and big data tools, as well as the Islamic values/culture/good practices as valuable resources in preventive/lifestyle medicine to effectively promote public health, prevent diseases and maintain wellness. The ultimate goal of Dr Assidi efforts is to footpath the way towards the establishment of a comprehensive strategy of personalized wellness and fill in the gaps of the current healthcare systems towards the implementation of precision medicine.

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