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To keep momentum going and sharing scientific information CEGMR conducts scientific seminars and training course on regular basis. Senior researchers give talk on recent development in science every week. We also give opportunity to M.Sc and PhD student to share their research work in open talk. New ideas are generated in discussion round of talk and it gives right direction for future work. Training course conducted by joint effort of Life Science Companies and CEGMR keeps our technician and researchers updated about high throughput equipments.
From: 1/6/1431  To: 30/11/1431 ( From: 15/5/2010  To: 7/11/2010)
Scientific Seminar Title Objective No. of participant
Role of Metabonomics in Cancer Biomarker Discovery To inindroduce the oncogenomics and proteomics approaches for biomarker discovery aiding translation medicine for bench side to bed side. 18
Latest sequencing technologies available at the disposal
of researchers
To provide information's about the
latest updated technology for genomic sequencing technologies
Endothelial Progenitor cells To establish the primary culture or
human umbilical vein endothelial
cells isolated from umbilical cord
A Tree for MTHFR and identifying profiles of neoplastic and undifferentiated cells of cancer To introduce the correlation MTHFR
gene mutation and cancer
Bioinformatics in drug design To explain the role of bioinformatics
in drug design
Genetics of mental retardation To explain the correlation between
the gene mutation and mental retardation
Profiling DNA Methylation in the Saudi breast Cancer Genome To investigate the effect of DNA methylation in breast cancer 27
The new modalities in Genomic Research for disease Diagnosis To know new methods for the diagnosis of genomic aberration 25
Patient sample handling Role of Tissue Culture Unit To investigate the common causes of culture failure due to inappropriate specimen handling 19

From: 1/12/1431  To: 29/5/1432  (From: 8/11/2010  To: 2/5/2011)
Scientific Seminar Title Objective No. of participant
The First International Conference in Genomic Medicine To  educate medical and biomedical practitioners about the importance of genomic medicine research by delivering high-quality scientific lectures given by international speakers 145
The Second National Genomic Day “ To provide a variety of educational
tools on genetics and genomic
available at CEGMR
Familial colorectal Cancer To explain how to control the
hereditary colon cancer
Absciex Mass spectrometers as proteomics solutions To introduce the updated
spectrometers technology in
protein investigation
Nanotechnology in Genomic Medicine” To introduce the role of
nanotechnology in genomic medicine
Proteomic in drug discovery and development To explain the role of proteomic in drug discovery. 22
Scientific application seminar on Agilent Genomic To know about latest updated
technology for the detection of 
genomic rearrangement
Student Researcher" program for secondary school students To educate secondary school
student the concept of research
study and how to plan to do
Updates of Molecular Biology in Thyroid Carcinoma To explain the the latest updates of molecular biology in thyroid carcinoma 27
Genome-wide methylation analysis of breast cancer in Saudi Arabia To understand the role of methylation in breast cancer 17
Cancer Biomarkers: The Promise of Proteomics To explain different biomarkers used
for the detection of cancer
Cancer methabolomics To know the role of metabolomics in cancer 33
The role of GABA B receptors in epilepsy. Up and down regulation of intracellular signaling pathways in pre and postnatal rat brain To explain the role of GABA B in epilepsy 25
Going to the roots and the stem cells of leukemia-our proposed research at CEGMR To give an overview of different leukemic research done at CEGMR 50


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