The first Conference cum Workshop to Introduce CEGMR

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The Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research proudly conducted a major conference followed by workshops on Saturday, 16 Jamad ul Awal, 1428 H. corresponding 2nd June 2007 in the main auditorium of King Fahad Medical Research Center to introduce the Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research. Many dignitaries of the University graced the occasion. H.E. Prof. Dr. Osama Sadiq Tayeb, the President of King Abdulaziz University inaugurated the seminar with great fanfare. Also present on the occasion were Deans of Various faculties, foreign dignitaries, who were specially invited to deliver lectures on important aspects, such as: update on Cancer Genomics; recent advances in stem cell therapies; diagnostic applications of SNPs; and recent utilization of microarrays in cancer genomics.  
The Talks were delivered by pioneers of these Fields. Prof. Ghulam Mufti from UK, Prof. John Davies, Canada; Dr.Dahmani Fatahallah, UK and Dr.Azim  Mohamedali,  UK were the important speakers. The panel of moderators comprising Prof. J.E. Davies, Dr. A Mohamed ali,  Prof. Waseem Ahmad(Faridi) and Prof.G.Mufti separately held the moderation workshops and submitted their  recommendations. Earlier, Dr. Mohammad  Al Qahtani, Director CEGMR introduced the audience with CEGMR  foundation. Dr.Adel Abuzenadah, Assistant Director highlighted the ongoing research programs. Dr. Adeel Chaudhary and Dr. Mamdooh Gari in their talks highlighted the service support units and continuing education and outreach program. At end, the vote of thanks was presented by Dr. Adeel Chaudhary. The one day meeting was a great success and came out with fruitful recommendations.  A detailed plan for future was chalked out.

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