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On the heels of the establishment of CEGMR came the announcement of launching its mouthpiece, the Newsletter, Genomexcell. The publication of this Newsletter was the fruit of the diligent efforts of all the employees of CEGMR, particularly the scholars who need to be provided with regularly updated material to keep up with the fast pace of innovations in medical and biomedical research.

If mass production characterizes the health information revolution, individual creativity and brilliance marks the information revolution of this century. Development is no longer symbolized by imposing plants and machinery; instead knowledge is now universally recognized as the true strength of a nation. Using information technology, the Center has the ability to tap information sources in the environment and manipulate it for the growth and development of mankind. 
The Newsletter, Genomexcell strives to achieve new breakthroughs, particularly in the critical area of accumulation and dissemination of knowledge relating to the value and impact of researches conducted by the world of researchers focused on moving health researches into action.

It is a major step forward to accelerate the pace of genomic researches. It is certainly of much use to all its readers. The Newsletter, Genomexcell tries its best to provide a plethora of latest news and features relating to the interest of common masses, while catering to the needs of specialized persons as well. It is committed to the cause of CEGMR.
Genomexcell, Volume1 - No.1
January 2008
Genomexcell, Volume1 - No.2
May 2008
Genomexcell, Volume1 - No.3
October 2008
Genomexcell, Volume2 - No.1
April 2009
Genomexcell, Volume2 - No.2
August 2009
Genomexcell, Volume2 - No.3
December 2009
Genomexcell, Volume3 - No.1
April 2010
Genomexcell, Volume3 - No.2
August 2010
Genomexcell, Volume3 - No.3
December 2010
Genomexcell, Volume4 - No.1
April 2011
Genomexcell, Volume4 - No.2
Aug 2011
Genomexcell, Volume4 - No.3
December 2011
Genomexcell, Volume5 - No.1
April 2012
Genomexcell, Volume5 - No.2
August 2012
Genomexcell, Volume5 - No.3
December 2012
Genomexcell, Volume6 - No.1
April 2013
Genomexcell, Volume6 - No.2
August 2013

Genomexcell, Volume8 - No.1
May 2015
Genomexcell, Volume8 - No.2
August 2015

Genomexcell, Volume8 - No.3
September 2015

Genomexcell, Volume 10 - No.1
May 2017

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