Bioimaging Unit

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Bioimaging Unit  
Dr Muhammad Abu-Elmagd

Prof Abdelbaset Buhmeida

BIU has been established recently at CEMGR to serve different biomedical research groups acting at CEMGR as well as the research community from King Abdul-Aziz University as a whole. BIU is equipped with conventional and advanced microscopes such Fluorescence Microscope and Confocal Microscope Systems (LSM710) linked to image analysis software.

The BIU is a flexible unit allowing the users to capture process, manipulate, analyze, document and measure many features on their images. BIU is programmed to allow the use of repeated functions/measurements when analyzing multiple images.

BIU covers leading edge research challenges as well as every day applications. For user information, location of the facility, on-line booking, and charges for the use of the advanced microscopes are all available through contacting the person in charge.

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3/3/2015 10:55:30 AM