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Proteomics and Metabolomics Unit  
Dr Muhammad Abu-Elmagd

Dr Shakeel Ansari

The Proteomics and metabolomics unit is established recently to provide PIs with access to mass spectrometry based identification and profiling of proteins, peptides and metabolites. For this purpose the center has acquired WATERS Synapt mass spectrometer equipped with nanoACQUITY UPLCs.

SYNAPT G2 HDMS is a high resolution exact mass MS/MS platform capable of QuanTof™ capability. This functional enhancement allows researchers at CEGMR to go for the next level of qualitative and quantitative MS and MS/MS based analysis. The SYNAPT HDMS system is fully compatible to the UPLC®. The center has installed the nanoACQUITY Ultra Performance LC® (UPLC®) System. The system is designed for separation of proteins, peptides and metabolites at the nano-scale using the 2D-LC format. The platform is equipped with capillary and narrow-bore separations to achieve highest resolution and sensitivity while performing chromatographic separations. The platform is fully compatible to the SYNAPT mass spectrometer.

The above equipmentare supported by the Waters MassLynx™ Software for easy access to different applications as well as access to custom made protocols. In addition to the high end equipment mentioned above the center is well equipped with performing other proteomics applications including gel electrophoresis, western blotting (immuno-blotting), sample preparation for protein separation and digestion. For validation purposes the center has established IHC facility. The proteomics and metabolomics facility is supervised by Dr. K Narasimhan.

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