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Trouble free transportation of samples is ensured from various collaborating health centers in Jeddah and Mekka region. In order to accomplish this vital task two cars have been purchased by CEGMR. Three full-time and one part-time driver is hired and trained to respond to the 'hot-line' number. They are instructed to collect specimens directly and in the shortest possible time from various health facilities. They have access to collaborating staff at the operation theaters at these centers and have been trained to strictly follow sample storage and transportation protocols.

Samples from other destinations in Saudi Arabia are sent via designated courier services such as FedEx, DHL and Aramex. Over the time these companies have allocated representatives for CEGMR sample transportation only, those are well trained and respond quickly to sample collection call. Sample are properly delivered to CEGMR in transportation and protective media within 24hrs of collection if not less.           

Other transportation services :

The unit also serves to transport visiting delegations including the highly cited professors Catering for committee meetings, training workshops etc Transport female researchers to various clinics at collaborating health centers For the 1st time in KSA, CEGMR is the only research center to open direct transportation channel with recently established SFDA


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