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The Information Technology Unit provides hardware and software maintenance, consultation, and recommendations about future planning and development of resources. Providing these services in an effective and efficient manner will ensure maximum access to and implementation of technology services and resources.

IT unit is responsible for designing, creating and managing a web site both attractive to the user and easy to navigate. Also, it is responsible for all Graphic designing posters, newsletters, flyers, invitations, etc.

Also, it develops new systems from beginning to end, maintains existing systems, creates code that meets system standards and analyzes methods to efficiently address software system requirements. These systems are:

CEGMR Centralized Biological Samples Tracking System (CCBSTS):
It is a database system to store all needed information about the labs in DGMU unit. It is an integrated system that consists of the Cytogenetic, Molecular and FISH lab systems.

It is designed to facilitate and computerize the technicians' work in the labs by storing the step-by-step data of their work right from receiving the sample until getting the result and reports. Also, it contains the data about the inventory of reagents and consumables that are used in their work and it contains all the needed information about patients, hospitals, physicians … etc. It has a section that deals with Quality Control by creating sheets, and stores its information.
It is a local system that gives an account for each lab staff who deals with the information stored in it. So, all information can be edited and retrieved at any time by authenticated users.

CEGMR Biological Sample Repository System (CBSRS):
CEGMR Biobank contains biological samples that are associated with the clinical information. These samples are stored, processed and managed for research purposes. The number of specimens deposited at this bank is growing exponentially. To assign this vast amount of data, a CEGMR Biological Sample Repository System (CBSRS) has been created to support and improve the accessibility of Biobank System.
This system is strongly valued to improve secure information, data back up and processing. Additionally, it reduces the work load and errors. Because of the privacy of specimen and information, only researchers with valid Login-Id are allowed to access database.  

CEGMR Database:
The CEGMR Database (CDB) contains patients' personal details and all the details regarding his/her health status. In order to maintain personal and data privacy, the database is username-and-password-protected.The CDB will certainly make it easier for the clinicians and the researchers to manage each individual in terms of data collection, maintenance and follow up studies. The users can collect all the relevant information, take follow-up actions, update/edit database and retrieve data for analysis and interpretation.

Purchasing System:
As a consequence of the exponential expansion and growth of CEGMR activities, there will be enormous challenges. For that reason, the effective purchasing system was established to place the center in the right direction for development. Purchasing System is a user-friendly and time-saving solution to manage purchase orders (POs) with few clicks. It is a local system that manages the entire order process, from filling in request, dispatch PO, keep records of order received, and payment to suppliers. The Purchasing unit can upload Pos and attach invoices of delivered items. The Director can approve, reject or comment on POs and get an instant view of the budget on every project. Finance department obtains an accurate and paperless PO tracking system. The System also allows researchers to create and track their orders.

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