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    One of the major challenges in the cancer chemotherapy is the variation in the individual therapeutic response to anticancer drugs along with the toxicity issues. Similarly, widespread antimicrobial resistance limits the treatment options for the management of infections caused by multidrug resistant (MDR) pathogens. Therefore, cancer and MDR infections are the areas where novel, safe and effective treatments are urgently required. Hence CEGMR has started a major research initiative in the area of pharmacogenomics and drug discovery to address unmet medical needs in the field of cancer and infectious diseases.


Establishment of a comprehensive research platform to study influence of genetic variations on the therapeutic response to anticancer drugs in the population of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
To build a system for the development of individual patient risk profile and treatment strategies for diseases such as cancer and infections.
To establish a robust anticancer research platform to discover novel drugs for the treatment of cancer using natural, synthetic, biotechnological and nanotechnological tools.
To set up a state of the art facility for the discovery of antimicrobial compounds with specific focus on multidrug resistant pathogens.

Pharmacogenomics Research Group

Prof. Waseem Ahmad (Faridi)
CEGMR, King Abdulaziz University
Prof. Mohammed Hussein Al-Qahtani
CEGMR, King Abdulaziz University
Dr. Mohammad Alam Jafri
CEGMR, King Abdulaziz University
Dr. Ali Mahmoud El-Halawany
Department of Natural Products, Faculty of Pharmacy, King Abdulaziz University
Dr. Usama Hawa
Department of Marine Chemistry, Faculty of Marine Sciences, King Abdulaziz University
Dr. Mahmood Rasool
CEGMR, King Abdulaziz University
Dr. Shakeel Ansari
CEGMR, King Abdulaziz University

International Collaborator:

Professor, Georgetown University (GTU) and
Director of Waters Center of Innovation for Metabolomics at GTU
Previously Director of the John B. Little Center for the Radiation
Sciences and Environmental Health at Harvard
University Washington DC, USA

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