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          In order to provide the contributions necessary to keep the CEGMR on its research growth track, emphasis is placed on core research programs within multi-investigator and interdisciplinary structure. The research areas are designed based on the prevalence of common diseases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The core guiding principle that entails all the research programs is the molecular analysis of regulatory pathways and networks of potential significance at the genomic/proteomic levels involved in specific disease pathogenesis.

         A comprehensive analysis of the global patterns of molecular regulation and signatures that characterize specific disease transformation at the transcriptomic, microRNA and proteomic levels with advanced computational analysis methods constitutes the core of our research programs. Each research program is formulated, managed and adequately comprehended by a team of investigators with expertise in the field that is critical to the success of the program and the CEGMR. 
The Research programs are supported at the Center:

Cancer Genomics Research Program
Neurogenomics Resereach Program
Genomic Screening Research Program
Tissue Culture & Regenerative Medicine Research Program
Pharmacogenomics Research Program
Biorepositories & Biospecimen Research Program
Functional & Developmental Genomics Research Program
          The overall goal of the research programs is to decode the new biomarkers that may have potential applications for early disease detection (diagnostic markers), prognosis (prognostic indicators), tumor responses (predictive markers) and diseases recurrence (monitoring markers), to identify novel mutations and other molecular aberrations underlying hereditary disorders, to develop biomarkers that will identify small numbers of specific stem cell types, and finally with the knowledge obtained translate these research findings into clinical and commercial applications.

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