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Wafa-Makky Nichols, PhD.
Scientific Profile:
In addition to being a Faculty Member of the College of Allied Medical Sciences (Department of Medical Laboratory Technology) Dr.Nichols is also an active academic researcher. Persuit of her interest in research into Health Science Education together with her accumulated teaching experience culminated in her being her being appointed as a Fellow of The Higher Education Academy (UK)in the year 2009. Dr Nichols's doctoral research (completed October2000) was on ethnic variation in genetic and biological markers in sporadic breast cancer, and she continues work in this area in her role as a research associate at the Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research CEGMR.

As part of the CEGMR team CEGMR Dr.Nichols also heads the Quality Management Program, and is actively involved in staff development and educational outreach programs. Recently Dr Nichols has also started collaborating with the AlAmoudi Breast Care Centre where her particular interest is research into communication and the patient understanding of breast cancer genetics using qualitative methodologies.
Funded Projects:
  • Molecular genetics of mental retardation (KACST Co I)
  • HER2 analysis with breast tissue microarray (KACST Co I)
  • Breast Cancer Awareness and BSM in primary health care nurses (AABCC Co I)
  • Needs analysis of breast cancer patients (AABCC Co I)
Recent Publications:

El Sagaff, S. Salem, HS. Nichols, W. Tonkel, AK. Abo-Zenadah, NYA.
“Cell death pattern in cerebellum neurons infected with Toxoplasma gondii”
2005 Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology 35 (3) 809-818

A prospective study of congenital malformations among live born neonates at a University Hospital in Western Saudi Arabia
Fida MN, Al-Aama J, Nichols W, Alqahtani M.
Saudi Med J 2007 vol 28 (9) p1367_1373

GENIE GUIDE : Calculation and Communication of Genetic Risk for Non-Geneticists
2009, W-M Nichols, University of Leicester (pub) under Creative Commons Licence (open access for educational use).
Downloadable at http://www.le.ac.uk/ge/genie/vgec/hp/Genieguide1.html

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