Researcher’s Disciple Initiative for Talented Saudis


  The Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research (CEGMR) was pleased to announce on Wednesday 30-4-1439H, initiation of the Researcher’s Disciple program (RDP) for talented Saudis, providing full support and facilitating all requirements that contribute to the program’s success.

Director CEGMR and supervisor of the RDP, Professor Mohammad Al Qahtani, emphasized that the philosophy behind establishing such program began approximately three years ago. Since then the focus has been on limited number of school students pursuing general education; allowing them first hand opportunity to engage with university professors and scientists. This allowed them to appreciate ground realities especially in the field of scientific research. This program further emphasized on exposing these school students to state-of-the art technologies utilized in handling DNA, sequencing human genome and variety of other advance applications.

To this added Mr. Khaled Muhammed Al Rabigh, head of talented student program in Jeddah, that CEGMR is one of the well known research centers in Saudi Arabia that has vast experience in this field and emphasized that young talented Saudi students are in dire need of such initiatives in order to express limitless scope of their talents and develop research skills. Therefore, he added, the RDP is a step further that involves extremely well structured and creative teaching approaches which enable talented students to engage in a variety of research activities thus benefiting from this collaboration between CEGMR and institute for talented students in Jeddah. Furthermore, outstanding support would be offered to both male and female talented students through RDP that would eventually assist in the development of exceptional skilled generation to serve national interest.

Objectives of this initiative include:
  1. Emphasis on developing spirit of team work.
  2. Spread philosophy of scientific research and its social impact
  3. Direct scientific collaboration between distinguished researcher and outstanding talented Saudi student
  4. Allow talented student to achieve personal, intellectual and academic development
  5. Implant the ability to take risks and discover
  6. Conduct excellent research by applied experiments
  7. Deal with scientific challenges with logic
  8. Clarify the outcomes to the talented Students and how their greatest possible energy would be translated into scientific knowledge and practical know how
Few photos of the previous talented student’s activities::


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