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           Soft-tissue tumors are similar in their behavior. Benign tumors can be easily resected in most cases, whereas sarcomas are an aggressive and highly complex group of mesenchymal malignancies with different morphologies and clinical behavior. However, the present therapeutic strategies remain insufficient. Cytogenetic and molecular classification of these tumors is resulting in the breakdown of the classical histopathological categories into molecular subgroups that better define sarcoma pathobiology and bridge the way to more precision medicine and novel therapeutic opportunities. The ultimate goal of this research group is to dissect the soft tissue sarcomas at deep molecular levels by using high-throughput technologies such as NGS, MicroArrays and functional genomics in order to help in personalized treatment.

Soft Tissue Sarcoma Research Group

Prof. Faisal Mashat
Department of Surgery, King Abdulaziz University Hospital
Dr. Syed Kashif Zaidi
CEGMR, King Abdulaziz University
Dr. Kothandaraman Narasimhan
CEGMR, King Abdulaziz University
Dr. Mahmood Rasool
CEGMR, King Abdulaziz University
Dr. Shakeel Ansari
CEGMR, King Abdulaziz University

International Collaborator:

Prof. Emmanouil Dermitzakis
Professor of Genetics,
Department of Genetic Medicine and Development
University of Geneva Medical School

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