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Publication of 2017:
11. Rasool M, Malik A, Hussain M, Haq KA, Butt K, Ashraf MAB, Naseer MI, Asif M, Shaikh R, Mustafa MZ et al: DARPins Bioengineering and its Theranostic Approaches: Emerging Trends in Protein Engineering. Current pharmaceutical design 2017, 23(11):1610-1615.
12. . Rasool M, Ashraf MA, Malik A, Waquar S, Khan SA, Qazi MH, Ahmad W, Asif M, Khan SU, Zaheer A et al: Comparative study of extrapolative factors linked with oxidative injury and anti-inflammatory status in chronic kidney disease patients experiencing cardiovascular distress. PloS one 2017, 12(2):e0171561.
13. 13. Quintela I, Eiris J, Gomez-Lado C, Perez-Gay L, Dacruz D, Cruz R, Castro-Gago M, Miguez L, Carracedo A, Barros F: Copy number variation analysis of patients with intellectual disability from North-West Spain. Gene 2017, 626:189-199.
14. Qiu WR, Sun BQ, Xiao X, Xu D, Chou KC: iPhos-PseEvo: Identifying Human Phosphorylated Proteins by Incorporating Evolutionary Information into General PseAAC via Grey System Theory. Molecular informatics 2017, 36(5-6).
15. Qiu WR, Jiang SY, Xu ZC, Xiao X, Chou KC: iRNAm5C-PseDNC: identifying RNA 5-methylcytosine sites by incorporating physical-chemical properties into pseudo dinucleotide composition. Oncotarget 2017, 8(25):41178-41188.
16. 16. Pakstis AJ, Kang L, Liu L, Zhang Z, Jin T, Grigorenko EL, Wendt FR, Budowle B, Hadi S, Al Qahtani MS et al: Increasing the reference populations for the 55 AISNP panel: the need and benefits. International journal of legal medicine 2017, 131(4):913-917.
17. Oversti S, Onkamo P, Stoljarova M, Budowle B, Sajantila A, Palo JU: Identification and analysis of mtDNA genomes attributed to Finns reveal long-stagnant demographic trends obscured in the total diversity. Scientific reports 2017, 7(1):6193.
18. Monnerat-Cahli G, Paulucio D, Moura Neto RS, Silva R, Pompeu F, Budowle B, Santos CG: Letter to the editor: Are the doors opened to a genetic-based algorithm for personalized resistance training? Biology of sport 2017, 34(1):27-29.
19. Merdad L, Aldakhil L, Gadi R, Assidi M, Saddick SY, Abuzenadah A, Vaught J, Buhmeida A, Al-Qahtani MH: Assessment of knowledge about biobanking among healthcare students and their willingness to donate biospecimens. BMC medical ethics 2017, 18(1):32.
20. Liu B, Wang S, Long R, Chou KC: iRSpot-EL: identify recombination spots with an ensemble learning approach. Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) 2017, 33(1):35-41.

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