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       The group member working in this category have identified neuromuscular dystrophies as hot area for continuing research.

       The main aim is the genetic profiling of common neuromuscular dystrophies some of which are mentioned above. Research in the CEGMR has been moving from the Multiplex PCR diagnostic approach to the more comprehensive diagnosis using the MLPA technique for screening of the large Dystrophin gene for deletions/ duplications that have not been detected previously.
       The research in this area will apply the more sophisticated SNP microarray studies and Next Generation Sequencing to identify candidate genes related to these disorders and provide more understanding of the patho-physiology of these diseases.

Neuro-Muscular Research Group

Dr. Hussein Al Gahtani
King Khaled National Guard Hospital
Prof. Mohammed M.S. Jan
Faculty of Medicine, King Abdulaziz University
Prof. Adeel Chaudhary
CEGMR, King Abdulaziz University
Prof. Ibtessam Ramzi Hussein
CEGMR, King Abdulaziz University
Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Balawi
National Guard Hospital, Riyadh
Dr. Muhammad Imran Naseer
CEGMR, King Abdulaziz University

International Collaborator:

Prof. Nobutaka Hirokawa
Distinguished Project Professor
Departments of Cell Biology and Anatomy, and Molecular Structure and Dynamics
University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

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