Conference: Arab Health Congress and Exhibition, Dubai

  The 44th edition of Arab Health Congress, the mega showmanship, was organized from 28 – 31 January 2019 at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center. A team of research leaders from COMS/CEGMR/GenaTi/CIPM and Roya’a comprising Director Prof. Mohammad H. AlQahtani; Director Prof. Adel M. Abu Zenadah; Deputy Director Prof. Adeel G. Chaudhary and Dr. Ashraf Dallol participated in the seminar. In addition, the Minister of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and V. President for Higher Edu. & Sci. Res., Prof. Yousef A. Aziz Al Turki and others were also part of this delegation. The team took part in the deliberation and meetings discussing healthcare and trade sectors in the MENA region. The occasion brought a global appeal with international speakers covering a broad spectrum of medical specialities and disciplines on the latest healthcare issues. The edition featured about a dozen CME accredited medical conferences for attending healthcare professionals. The symposium was mainly focussed on bridging the gap in medical and health aspects. The conference and related programmes provided a latest update and insight surfing through a sea of ideas floated. Many exhibitors showcased their business promotions presently in the global market. All kinds of medical products, innovations and services were on display. An attractive stall was created by our team at the venue highlighting the vertical growth of organization from DGMU (2003), CEGMR (2007), CIPM (2013), GenaTi (2017), Roya’a (2017) and IGM (2018) was illustrated. The diagnostic services, research services and training services carried out by our organization was displayed prominently and explained to interested delegates. The programme offered a great opportunity to finetune the direction of research in medical health care sector. The occasion was by all means – hilarious.  

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