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Dates of Differentiation Tests

The Graduate Studies Deanship at Faculty of dentistry in King abdulaziz University is pleased to announce the dates of differentiation tests for higher studies programs (Master and Ph.D.) for the academic year 1445/1446 AH.

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About the Faculty

Pineapple Under the Royal Decree No.14500 dated 4/12/1405 AH, the Faculty of Dentistry was established including its four scientific departments and different divisions to be within the faculties of King Abdul Aziz University. It is the second college to be established in the Kingdom after the Faculty of Dentistry at King Saud University which was established by a Royal Decree in 1395 AH. Later His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education released resolution No. 271 dated 02/02/1435 AH to restructure the scientific departments of the Faculty of Dentistry to be ten scientific departments with different divisions. During the course of its journey and its efforts towards continuing development and quality improvement, the Faculty of Dentistry received an Academic recognition by the Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE) in 2008 and the National Academic Program Accreditation from the National Center for Academic Assessment and Accreditation (NCAAA) in 2017 for 7 years. Also it was awarded for its high quality standards by the King Abdulaziz Quality Award in 2018.

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