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   What types of advantages do I have?


Stipends & Awards

·      Monthly Stipend: A stipend of 1,000 Saudi Riyals per month is given to every Saudi B.Sc. student, and to every non-Saudi B.Sc. student who is on a granted scholarship.

·      Distinction Award: An award of 1,000 Saudi Riyals is granted to every student who secures an average grade of distinction (A or A+) over two consecutive semesters. This award serves as an incentive for advanced students to maintain their high level of academic achievement.

·      Books and References Allowance: An amount of 3,000 Saudi Riyals is given to every graduate student once during his/her regular period of study.

·      Thesis Allowance: An amount of 3,000 Saudi Riyals for the M.Sc. student and 4,000 Saudi Riyals for the Ph.D. student is given to cover some of the costs incurred during preparation of thesis work.



King Abdulaziz University (KAU)provides an ample number of student housing units within or around the outskirts of its campus. Housing is available to all students whose families reside outside of Jeddah (including those who are on scholarships). This type of student benefit is also available if a local student’s family circumstances necessitate KAU housing assistance.

Supervision of students in KAU dormitories, and the general management of these units is the responsibility of well-trained and qualified student resident life personnel. These resident supervisors are helped by assistant resident supervisors who take over supervision duties, includingemergency response during evening and night periods. New students should contact the Deanship of Student Affairs to obtain more information about KAU student housing assistance eligibility.




King Abdulaziz University aims to provide the best nutritional services to its students, faculty and staff.  The central industrial kitchen prepares a variety of three-course meals to be served inKAU dormsand university campus dining halls.  Meals are held to a high standard of health and nutrition standards, and are offered to all students at highly economical prices.  It’s also a great time to visit the newly renovated KAU Food Court, which now hosts Geoffrey’s Coffee Shop, Panino’s, and more.

Medical Care


KAU provides free medical treatment for all students at the University Clinic, which is conveniently located at the center of the KAU campus, and has clinics covering all majormedical specialties.  To ensure you are registered, and for more information, contact the KAU Medical Administration via:


Boys Section

General Reception : 6952000-61466

Dental Reception : 6952000-26099

Laboratory : 6952000-61448


Girls Section

General Reception : 6952000-61466

Dental Reception : 6952000-26099


E-mail: hcdg.admin@kau.edu.sa


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